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Taiyuan Lanlang Technology Industrial Corp.


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Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin
Lanlang®mixed bed ion exchange resin series is a high quality resin mixture composed of strong acid cation resin in H+ form and strong base type 1 anion resin in OH+ form. Ready to use as supplied. It is designed for production of high purity water such a
Adsorbent Resin
Lanlang® Adsorbent Resins include Polystyrene and Weak polarmacroporous adsorbent resin. Used forantibiotics, polyphenol,natural medicines extraction;juice debittering,etc.
Chelating Resin
Lanlang® Chelating Macroporous resins which has some special function group on the styrene / DVB copolymer with special macroporous structure. Mainly used for mercury cooper, nickel, etc metal removal, etc.
Cation Exchange Resin
Lanlang® manufactures Gel type strong acid cation exchange resin and Macroporous weak acid cation exchange resin in two different forms ;sodium form and hydrogen form.Used for water softening, dealkalization and demineralization
Anion Exchange Resin
Lanlang®offers Gel type strong base anion exchange resin and Macroporous weak base anion exchange resin in two different forms; Cl- form and OH- form. Used forDecolorization and deashing of sugar solutions;Industrial, Regeneration efficient Demineralizati
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